What Is A E-Learning Platform

E-Learning is also known as distance education or online learning. This type of teaching is growing in popularity and acceptance.

Online classes have many advantages, including flexibility in time and location, and can be tailored to meet the needs of people who are busy and don’t have the time or desire to travel to a classroom.

This reality brings to focus the Learning Management System ,an online learning platform for distance education.

What Is A Learning Management System?

LMS stands for software that provides all the tools needed to create and sell online courses.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Online Courses

It is equipped with features that enable you to interact and manage students, workload, payments and enrollment, among other things, to support online learning.

In addition to course management and customization of web pages, more advanced eLearning platforms like Courspassport.com allow users to create courses.

The instructor can design his visual identity on the platform using the logo, cover images, and text of his choice.

It’s almost as if you had your own website for selling your courses.

Many online education platforms were originally created to allow students to access information related to administration of schools or universities.

They were used over time by academic institutions as support material for students to enhance the learning experience in the classroom.

Distance learning platforms are used by many companies as a means of training, updating, and qualifying their employees.

The Benefits of Corporate Training For Companies

The e-Learning platform supports and facilitates student training in a flexible and personalized way by providing a variety of resources such as a virtual library and a chat room between teachers and colleagues, assessments and virtual assistance.

An e-Learning platform is a great tool for companies. It comes pre-installed with all the necessary technology and tools. This works on the SaaS model.

All interested parties in selling their own courses related to any discipline or other knowledge enjoy the same benefits.

An e-Learning platform must have the following resources:

  • Management and creation of courses
  • Students’ registration and management
  • Integration with other platforms such as Dropbox or YouTube
  • Video editing tools
  • Tools for distributing files and supporting materials
  • Payment Management
  • Monitoring the student’s progress with this tool
  • For interactions with students

You still have the option of organizing course material in lessons, modules or any other way that you consider best to make it easier for students to use.

Courspassport.com is an e-Learning platform that allows you to store and access material in a variety formats such as videos, Office documents and applications.

We can highlight some features that we think are very valuable for creating online courses from all of the available options:


It is a valuable resource for students and teachers.

This option allows them to be recognized and fosters a relationship with students.

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Students Area

It is very useful for interaction. The Coursepassport.com Student Area has a chat, where students and teachers can communicate.

This discussion space allows users to ask questions and also facilitates conversation between them.

How To Build A Coursepassport.com Course

Financial management

This resource allows you to manage your payments. Normally, the financial management software is integrated into the bank system to help control cash flow safely and efficiently.

An e-Learning platform should also be integrated to online payment platforms, such PayPal, which allows collection and payment in any currency preferred by the course creator.

Domain personalized

A personalized domain is a great asset for professionals and companies who wish to create a customized e-Learning platform.

This can be used to increase credibility and professionalism of the business. Students believe they are visiting a company website.

Responsive system

It is important that websites are accessible from any device at all times, mobile or desktop.

It’s not enough to be able to view the page on different devices . It must adapt to different screen formats and navigation modes to provide the best user experience so that the user does not abandon the course because of the difficulty.

These are only a few of the resources an e-Learning platform should provide to facilitate distance education.

A platform within the SaaS model, , has additional advantages. It is a low-cost, user-friendly tool with an easy interface. It can also be integrated with other information systems. And it can be accessed from any device that has internet access.

E-Learning Platform

Three business models that make use of an e-Learning platform

There are a few business models currently on the market that utilize e-Learning platforms. These have been successful and show the effectiveness of this method of teaching and training people.

Growth in the e-Learning Market


Universities have long helped their students by making classes available via video recording or broadcast in real-time.

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Higher education courses are becoming more popular.

A further advantage that eLearning platforms like Coursepassport.com offer for this type business is the ability to monitor all students’ performance, which is essential for courses to function and be validated.

Many top-ranked educational institutions like Harvard and Oxford offer online courses. This increases interest and demand and allows anyone to have access education of the highest standard.

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Many professionals who are skilled in different areas such as mechanics, yoga and mathematics, among others, choose to make their material available online for students.

These courses are not offered by universities. They aim to provide additional professional training as a way of increasing the curriculum.

These classes were created by professionals who wanted to create a parallel business that teaches what they know. They are usually targeted at people who are already working and who are interested in additional knowledge they can acquire during their free time.

Anyone can teach Online courses.

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These courses are often taken by people as a hobby to gain knowledge on any topic they choose, and not necessarily in their professional lives.

Training for corporate employees

Online education is undoubtedly the most effective way to learn for corporate education.

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Employers dream about training and qualifying employees without having to travel, abandon their jobs, or sacrifice their time to earn overtime.

Large companies that had branches and employees spread over many cities and countries were the first to tackle this problem.

These companies offer training materials through secure channels via online platforms. Access passwords are required to access the material.

If you have any new information about the company or work, simply update the material and send an announcement for everyone to see. This allows the employee to update himself whenever he feels comfortable, and without having to quit his job.

The manager can also control who has accessed the online training, and can request that questions be answered.

Online corporate training is practical, efficient, and affordable. It’s the future for all companies who aim to provide qualified services, increase productivity, and reduce costs with new hires.

Coursepassport.com, a complete e-Learning platform is ideal for anyone who wants to sell, promote, and create courses online.

The platform serves professionals and companies in over 60 countries. It is a dynamic Learning Management system that can be customized .

What is a Learning Management System?

You don’t need to spend money on building your website. You can use the coursepassport.com to create a customized page for your company.